Keeping Your Car Safe From Potholes

Which we drive through the streets, every day we are, or rather, we are plunged into potholes. Here we have what is more your car is damaged and what the costs are in your oversight.

Despite the efforts of those responsible for caring for the streets of the city, and repairing potholes, the reality is that the deterioration of asphalt, heavy traffic and heavy rains this year have made our streets, an endless collection of potholes. Those who suffer most here are your car and your mental psyche but especially your wallet.

Bumps vs. front axle

It is the first thing that strikes and what suffers the most. Covers, tires, steering components and suspension, axle shafts, bearings, carter, bushings and other elements of the front end; all are susceptible to damage from bumps.

The most common is an imbalance occurs on wheels and have to alienate again. The price of an aligned and balanced is approximately $ 250.

Marks on the tires or a break in the deck also means that “you gave full” the pothole. While the price of the arrangement of a tire depends on the damage, the most common stroke requires a focused, which varies its price if the tire is made of alloy ($ 150 c / u) or common sheet-rate at $ 90 each a. It is important to be aware of the condition of the rim since a deformation in the same way it affects the life of the tire.

If only we click the camera, a common patching is $ 30 while switching camera between $ 70 and $ 80 (for a rolling 15 “). If the blow is sharp and break cover or are bumps on the side of it, you have to start saving. The price of the most affordable coverage for an average car range starts from $ 450 (Pirelli brand) and for high-end cars are from $ 900 to $ 1,600 (brand Bridgestone) each.

Front axle bushings often break easily and their arrangement varies by brand and model of the car. To give you an idea, the four hubs cost $ 480 and workmanship approximately $ 500, while a Honda Fit hubs are around $ 1,200.

The dampers are also suffering the consequences of the bumps. Replace an original one-goal cushion Power costs $ 320 plus $ 300 for labor. Those of a Honda Fit, $ 1,000 each.

If instead of a well grabbed a “crater” with the car, we can come to break the crankcase, ie the engine oil reservoir. If happens, you have to pay between $ 600 and $ 800 pesos for a mid-range car, and between $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 for a car of upper-middle range.

In severe cases of damage from potholes, there may even damage the bottom of the engine and undercarriage components such as the exhaust system. If it happens that “Bust” train the front in general, the arrangement we can cost around $ 6,000 for a mid-range car.

Now that we know how much you can get out our oversight, to open your eyes and take in stride the street!

Tips to avoid a pothole:

  • Leave a reasonable distance between the vehicles in front of you to have more visibility.
  • Reduce speed bumps areas.
  • Avoid puddles of water being very careful about other traffic and pedestrians.
  • When you’re on a pothole, do not apply the brakes suddenly to not tilt the vehicle forward and place stress on the front suspension.