A concrete pavement gravel DIY

Sower of pebbles on the surface of the wet concrete floor adds visual interest. Create a finish in exposed gravel pavement is a DIY task that increases the total cost of the project only slightly. Gravel cement forms a flat, non-slip surface that adapts to driveways, sidewalks or patios. Choose smooth boulders, colors that complement the colors in your garden.


  • Measure the area and add 3 inches on the sides to shape hints. Outline the site with landscape painting, marking next to a board so that the lines are straight.
  • Discover the area with a shovel until a length of 8 inches deep with vertical walls. Press the bottom of a hand tamper on the surface for loose soil feels compact.
  • Add added 3/4 inch in length and spread with a shovel. Introduce a measuring rod through the aggregate for compacting soil. Tamp the aggregate and add more to create a base of 5 inches thick. The base is packed flexible enough concrete buffer voltage land and water drain.
  • Place boards in a 2 by 4 inches against the inner walls and screw with a drill. Support boards with studs around the outside perimeter.
  • Mix concrete mix in a large truck with water using a paddle and drill. The composition should be thick but spreadable
  • Pour the mixture over the base using a gauge rake to fill the corners and sides. Place a wooden board on the wet surface and pull it forward and backward to level.
  • Put decorative stones on concrete with a shovel. Disseminate any small piles with a broom for even coverage. Place a board on top and pressed pebbles in concrete. Wait about two hours so that the surface can start configuring.
  • Push the thin layer of cement paste around the sides of the stones with a stiff brush. Exposing only the top of pebbles so that they remain firmly embedded in the concrete. Hose off the cement removed.
  • Cover the wet pavement, breathable fabric and keep it moist for one week.
  • Seal the floor with clear and penetrating sealer with a brush roller to protect against water damage and wear.